Cold Storage Panel

Izocam Tekiz Cold Storage Panels are polyurethane insulated sandwich panels used for cold storages, cold rooms that food industry needs and for the ceilings and walls of food processing establishments. Cold Storage Panels are strong in terms of their structure but lightweight. They solve the insulation problems of the ceiling and the wall at the same time. These panels are used in vegetable – fruit storages, integrated meat-chicken-turkey processing plants, frozen food plants, abattoirs, dairy farms and supermarkets.

Cold Storages Panels provide the desired hygenic conditions for the food industry since they don’t hold any bacteria and they can be cleaned conveniently. Nearly smooth surface texture of the panel also helps to keep hygiene.

Cold Storage Panels are produced by coil coating technique from polyester, food grade polyester or galvanized sheet painted with PVdf. This painting technique ensures the metal to have a longer life. They don’t keep the smell like plastered walls do. They don’t hold any bacteria like glazed or ceramic tiles do within their joints. Surface cracks or crushing don’t occur.