İzocam Cephepan is a water repellent glass wool board manufactured with silicone spread and faced with yellow or black glass tissue. It is utilized at curtain wall systems, under the glass, granite, marble and aluminium wall cladding for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire safety purposes.


The boards can be placed in between the structural profiles fastened to the concrete surface by anchor members or they can also be installed to the facade wall by means of pins. For prefabricated systems first, the boards are placed in to the panels with the facade cladding on, at the plant and then they are installed to the concrete surfaces as ready-touse elements at the construction site. For curtain wall systems, since the air duct formed between the cladding material and the structural system acts as a chimney in case of fire, it is extremely important in terms of fire safety to choose the insulation material that belongs to Class A “noncombustible materials.”