Izocam Celebrated its 50th Anniversary

6 April 2015

One of the leading firms of the insulation industry, Izocam celebrated its 50th anniversary with a reception held at Çırağan Palace Kempinski. Attended by over 450 distinguished guests, the event also featured an absolute musical treat with the brilliant rendition and voice of the guest artist Serenad Bağcan.

Shaping the direction of insulation industry in Turkey for 50 years, Izocam hosted its guests at the reception organized in Çırağan Palace Kempinski for this special year. The reception, where the senior managements of Alghanim Group and Saint-Gobain were also present, attended by the prominent figures of insulation and construction industry, Izocam dealers, industrial associations and Izocam senior management.

Serenad Bağcan, who wowed wide audiences with her voice and featured in Fazıl Say’s “İlk Şarkilar” ("First Songs”) album, took the stage at the 50th Anniversary Reception of Izocam. Bağcan’s strong voice and unique rendition of songs captivated the guests. A huge group of 40 dancers met with the special repertoire prepared for Izocam and mesmerized the viewers throughout the night.

In his opening speech, Izocam General Manager Nuri Bulut emphasized his excitement on reaching the 50th anniversary of the journey started in 1965. “Having marked the beginning of insulation industry in our country with our foundation is another source of pride for us. When you consider all the insulation products Izocam produced since its foundation, the contribution this production made to country’s economy and the environment is striking. With our products in 50 years, we have contributed to the realization of an energy conservation equal to 200 million tons of oil. We have prevented 650 million tons of CO2 emission to the atmosphere. In 50 years, we have provided 110 billion dollars’ worth of energy conservation for our economy. Of course, the reason behind our success is the principled, organized, devoted efforts of all Izocam family and shareholders. We are celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2015, thanks to the contributions of all our dignified shareholders.”

After the welcome speech of Mr. Bulut, the CEO of Alghanim Industries, Omar Alghanim, took the stage. He mentioned that 2015 was a special year for Alghanim Industries, which turns 100 years old, and also for Saint-Gobain, which celebrates 350 years and for Izocam, which has reached the 50 year landmark. He indicated that these three groups in total have many years experiences and added, “All these (companies) coming together has the outcome of improving the state of insulation.” Mr. Alghanim pointed out the key factors attributed to Izocam’s success and added that the core asset was the people who had worked for Izocam for many years. Later on, Mr. Alghanim remarked, “Izocam is proud of having a customer-centered business.” In conclusion, he stressed that the family of dealers and suppliers has played an important role in Izocam’s success through their loyalty and hard work.

After the speech of Omar Alghanim, Senior Vice-President and President of Construction Products Sector Claude Imauven got on the stage and he started his speech in Turkish. “2015 is a very special year. It marks not only the fiftieth anniversary of Izocam, but also the three-hundred- fiftieth anniversary of Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain succeeded over all these years because it was flexible enough to adapt to the ever changing environment, at the same time that it had solid foundations based on our values and on a long-term view.” Mr. Imauven highlighted, “The combination of Saint-Gobain and Izocam has allowed us to develop a unique position in the Turkish insulation market. Today Izocam is among Isover’s biggest businesses in the world, and it is key to Isover’s development in the region. It is a strong leader in a very fragmented Turkish insulation market with a well-balanced position between different applications, such as building and technical insulation.”