Why To Insulate


To improve the thermal behavior of building and to save the consumption of the electrical energy used for cooling and heating . The roofs and the outside walls must be protected against the sun radiation and the variable climatic conditions by a suitable thermal insulation material .

 The shaded air temperature reaches more than 42 ° C in summer and the sun's radiation on the horizontal surfaces reaches more than 1000 watt/m2 in summer which makes the inside temperature uncomfortable.

 The thin roofs and walls which are used in the majority of new buildings do not resist the flow of heat in summer and coolness in winter . This will cause the increase of the temperature during midday in summer and the decrease of the temperature during midnight in winter .

Due to the above reasons, the correct thermal conditions for the buildings must be taken into consideration by using suitable layers to ensure comfortable living conditions inside the building .

The thermal insulation materials give permanent protection to the buildings and increase its life . The harmful effect of the thermal cycling causes the formation of cracks, Specially between the reinforced concrete skeleton and the walls .

The thermal insulation materials decreases the need for using cooling and heating equipment . In case of using electrical cooling and heating equipment the heat insulation layers saves the consumption of electrical energy .

The heat insulation layers protect the waterproofing from extreme thermal cycling which causes deterioration .