İzocam Rulopan is a glass wool blanket manufactured with yellow glass tissue facing on both sides. It is used on the slabs of non utilized attics, between the rafters of utilized attics, for horizontal applications where no load is present.


İzocam Rulopan is easy to hold and to be rolled out since it is faced with glass tissue on both sides. Due to its lightweight property, it is quite easy to carry it up to the roof and to cut to be installed. It can be applied easily with no waste pieces and each piece can be utilized. Since it is elastic it can fill the gaps thoroughly. In order to reduce the condensation risk in winter and to discharge the overheated air in the attic, upper part of the insulation should be kept ventilated. No weight should be placed on the material after the application and it should not be walked on. The blankets should not be covered over by nylon or similar type of covers.