İzoplan PVC Foundation

It is a PVC based water proofing membrane without UV resistance and reinforcement, welded with hot air source. It is to be used in the waterproofing details of the covered type and of foundation for all types of buildings.


İzocam İzoplan PVC Foundation is applied to levelled surfaces. Membranes are rolled out perpendicularly. They are superimposed over each other 5 - 7 cm, and centred with a hot air welding machine. Overlapped pieces of the membranes are wiped with a clean fabric and controlled in order to make sure the surface is clean and dry. Joints are connected by welding either by hot air robot or by hand welding in accordance with the detail. Welding process should not be performed if the temperature is lower than 5 °C or if the weather is rainy. For vertical surfaces a strip (PVC laminated, non corrosive, galvanized steel strip) is fastened to the concrete 50 cm above the ground level by mechanical fastening elements. By hot air robot or by hand welding in accordance with the detail, the membrane turning up the vertical surface is welded with İzocam İzoplan PVC Foundation Membrane which was welded in horizontal direction beforehand. And then the process is completed. Inner and outer corner accessories should be used for details with triple connections. Bitumen, oil and solvents may cause a harm for the PVC membrane. The membrane should not be in contact with thermal insulation materials made of bituminous and hard polstyrene foams. If it is needed a separation layer between them should be used.