It is a hard glass wool board faced with aluminium foil on one side, yellow glass tissue on the other side. It is used behind various heat sources such as radiator, stove, oven as heat holder and reflector.


The distance between the radiator and the wall should not be less than 1,5 cm, the thickness of the board, to be able to perform the application. The boards are placed between radiator and the exterior wall in a manner that the aluminium foiled side faces the inner space. Anchor distance is marked on the radiators, which are anchored to the wall on the side. Then, slots are cut into the boards through the marking by knife. Board is placed behind the radiator so that slots and anchorage rods meet. If the radiator is supported from the floor, the boards are placed between radiator and the wall directly and leaned against the wall so the foiled side faces inner surface. It offers more thermal saving by its property of reflecting thermal radiation.