Foamboard 3000 D – 3500 D

It is an extruded polystyrene board used for thermal insulation of below grade exterior walls of basements, on-grade floors of buildings.


For the thermal insulation of below grade walls Foamboard products are used with waterproofing membranes. First a plaster is spread over the wall in order to smoothen the surface and then waterproofing membrane is applied. Consequently, İzocam Foamboard is applied loose on waterproofing membrane. There is no need to adhere the boards if the application is carried out together with the erection of protection wall and earth fill. There is another method in which İzocam Foambard is adhered to the bituminous water proofing membrane at intervals by cold bitumen. Anchoring is not used in below grade exterior wall application in order not to drill through water proofing.