Foamboard 1500 P - 2000 P - 2500 P - 3000 P - 3500

Foamboard thermal insulation board is extruded polystyrene board with rough surface. It is used for the internal insulation of the exterior walls owing to its high insulation property and vapour diffusion resistance.


There are two different methods used for the internel insulation of exterior walls: Plaster method and dry plaster method. For plaster method, the boards are adhered by cement based fixing mortar to the inner wall surface in a manner that the joints are aligned. The application is completed by adhering waste strip to the joint. For dry plaster method, the boards faced with 1.25 cm gypsum board on one side, are adhered to the wall by cement based fixing mortar. Before the adhering application, roughness of the wall surface should be minimized. After the boards are adhered, the application is completed by standard connection and finish techniques. For the internal insulation of the exterior walls, it is important to take precautions to avoid thermal bridges at where the slabs, columns, beams and curtains connect to the exterior wall.