Floating Floor Board

It is a stone wool board that is used for thermal, sound and vibration insulation of the floors on the grade, for the floors in between flats, under all kinds of the vibrating equipments.


İzocam Floating Floor Board that is manufactured to be used under floating screeding. High compressive strength make them suitable to be used for thermal, sound and vibration insulation of floors under all types of live loads. Before the concrete floor on grade is laid, waterproofing against ground water and damp is applied for the floor above ground. Then floating floor boards are loosely laid over. Consequently, in order to prevent the spreading of vibrations caused by impacts on the floor covering through the walls, the strips cut from the boards with a thickness determined by the finished flooring height, are placed along the floor. A water impermeable membrane is laid over the boards before pouring the screed. Reinforced screed of 5 cm with minimum dosage (500) is applied on and then the application is completed with the desired floor covering.