Flex Sheet AL / KY / AL-KY

It is an elastomeric rubber based insulation material in the form of sheet with closed cell structure. It is manufactured to be used for air conditioning, heating and cooling systems. It can be faced with aluminium foil and can be self-adhesive.


It is used on the exterior surfaces of the ducts and large diameter pipe lines in the heating, cooling and air conditioning systems for thermal insulation and condensation control purposes. For the spaces where there is heat transfer by radiation, using products faced with aluminium foil is recommended. The sheets are adhered to the duct surface by using a special adhesive that İzocam suggested. Joints should be tightly sealed and they should be covered with insulation tape afterwards if necessary. Taping should not result in thickness loss. For the application of self adhesive sheets there is no need to use any adhesive. The application should be protected against distruption and rupture. For the applications exposed to the sun, definitely a protective coat or a protective paint should be used. For indoor spaces getting natural sun, the products faced with aluminium foil can be used without requiring any coating against UV affect. For the outdoor applications, the surface should be coated within 5 days.